Project Description

Bed Base Legs

The legs for bed base or upholstered bases are metal legs with anti-slip pad and anti-noise PVC washer. Square, round legs are made, finishes: textured gray, black and silver gray. Packaging: sets of 4 legs with or without tray and laminated.

The measurements are:

  • Square leg 30*30*270 (with and without wheel), (clamp adaptable to 40*30), (special measures: 300,350,400).
  • Square leg 35*35*270 (with and without wheel), (special measures: 300,350,400).
  • Kangaroo leg 40*20*340 (adaptable for bed base 30*30 and 40*30).
  • Tapi legs Ø50*270 (with and without wheels), (special measures: 300,350,400).
  • Base legs Ø50*50