Project Description

Tubular Barrelrack


Structural stacking system, conserving the barrels and their contents more carefully, by not supporting weight on them, it provides safety and stability to the barrels, reducing the risks of accidents and economic costs.

Tubular cradle triangle formation stacking: Provides less height with the same rows as other supports. Maintains the aesthetics of traditional stacking, avoiding wedges.

  • Welded with high fusion thread.
  • Robust and anticorrosive in humid environments.
  • Can be stacked up to 6 tiers high.
  • Simple and safe movement, avoiding occupational hazards.
  • May be used with automatic washers systems of barrels.

Technical characteristics:

Exterior dimensions (length x width x height)
225L  1400 x 610 x 350mm.
225L 17,5 kg/Unit.
Floor wedges.
Product Card