Project Description

Bottles Container

Elite model bottles container

  • Model stacked at 6 heights or reinforced at 8 heights.
  • Robust and removable construction by means of a system of self-locking screws and nuts.
  • Fold-down door which enables manual filling and emptying.
  • Has a double-rail system to enable correct stacking in its two positions, vertical or horizontal. This enables the operator to slide the container and stack them on top of each other, absolutely safely, up to a height of between five and ten tiers.

Technical caracteristics:

Interior dimensions (length x width x height)
1120 x 945 x 1020 mm.
Exterior dimensions (length x width x height)
1225 x 1090 x 1190 mm.
39 kg/Unit.
Enclosure mesh adapted according to the bottles.
Reinforced structure for rotating tapered bottles.
Complete guide.
Slots for the cage-rod adapted according to bottle type.
Product Card