Project Description

Bottles Container

Screwless folding bottles container

  • Can store all kinds of bottles: Bordeaux, Burgundy, elite, prestige, tapered etc. including magnums.
  • Can be stacked up to 5 tiers high.
  • Fold-down door to enable manual filling and emptying.
  • The containers are supplied folded down. In this position, they can be stacked up to 12 tiers high in order to save space.

Technical caracteristics:

Interior dimensions (length x width x height)
1125 x 947 x 1000 mm.
Exterior dimensions (length x width x height)
1279 x 1159 x 1150 mm.
49 kg/Unit.
Enclosure mesh adapted according to the bottles.
Reinforced structure for rotating tapered bottles.
Complete guide.
Slots for the cage-rod adapted according to bottle type.
Product Card