Project Description

Modular Barrelrack


It provides speed and safety in the work of barrels, optimizing the storage space with the empty stacked support. Increasing occupational safety, it allows buttoning to be carried out on the same support thanks to its easy access, due to their arrangement. Adaptation to the different washing systems (manual, semi-automatic, washing train).

  • Can be stacked up to 8 tiers high, optimizing storge space.
  • Structural stacking system by modules.
  • Provides security and stability to the barrels, reducing the risk of accidents and economic cost.
  • The barrels don´t suffer as they only support their own weight.
  • Adapts to different washing systems (manual, semi-automatic and tunnel wash).

Technical caracteristics:

Exterior dimensions (length x width x height)
225L  1450 x 880 x 240 mm.
225L 34 kg/Unit.
Fixed base or with wheels.
1 or 2 barrels.
Product Card