Project Description

Rack Range

Anti-seismic Barrelrack


This system allows the oscillation of the stack, but not its fall. There is no physical contact between the iron and the barrel, a rubber profile covers it avoiding damage to the wood and preventing slippage between the support and the barrel.

  • New metal barrelrack with anti-seismic properties and stacked traditional style.
  • Can be stacked up to 6 tiers high.
  • The racking and washing work in the cellar is more efficient due to its characteristics, the lower part of the barrels is completely free to allow the entry and exit of the washing and waste collection elements without uncontrolled spills.
  • The barrelrack allows the incorporation of wheels to facilitate the rotation of the barrel on the same support.

Technical caracteristics:

Exterior dimensions (length x width x height
225L  1500 x 680 x 780 mm.
225L 37 kg/Unit.
225L  Fixed base or with wheels.
Product Card